A Stark Halloween Halloween Party, October 2022

Event Invitational Text
Party peeps and dance floor creeps, it’s time to reconnect with our pagan past, or whatever the hell Halloween is about. All that matters is there’s a long weekend and we're gonna get silly. Sunday the 31st of October, Ulrike Stark hosts a party to freak your pants off. Special guest DJ, Dennis Danks, will blast them to shreds with pure audio vibrations. If that doesn’t work, we have spook juice on tap (punch) that will make you drop them voluntarily. But bring your own drinks because who knows how long that will last...the spook juice, not your pants. Speaking of pants, the dress code is Halloween, of course. But wait, there’s more! The most creative outfit will win a prize or something idk...oooh how mysterious! For everyone’s sake, the 3G Rule will apply because there’s nothing scarier than quarantine. Until then, my haunted homies.

Artwork by Sami Akkach

habidere@ulrikestark.org Neustadt 2, Feldkirch